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No need to open a large amount of links to see screens, 15 releases per page makes it easy!
No need to enter captcha’s to get your links, just click the ⇓.
Search for your favorite site, and make it rss by adding “&feed=rss” to the end of the search url!
Click on a screen thumbnails to make them larger!

DVD Covers for DVDRips.
Give me suggestions!

F4V Releases supported.
XXX DVDRips now supported.
Embedded videos via DuckLoad.com, links for all if they aren’t converted yet.
Added FileServe and FileSonic support.

Embedded videos via UserPorn.com for releases under 2Gb! WMV not yet supported.

Some images not uploading, added fastpic, ipicture, and local image-hosts.
Large releases sometimes missing parts, added retry system.
Sped up the link extractor.

Re-added userporn, which just supports non-wmv, but its better than nothing.

Enjoy and Please leave feedback here!




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