CamDDL Shutdown

So I shutdown CamDDL as you’ve noticed it redirects here, I did it because it was slowing down this site hosted on the same server.
I’d enable it again only if the slowness was fixed somehow.
If you have knowledge in WordPress performance troubleshooting then feel free to contact me with suggestions and maybe we can fix it.

Screenshots of the issue:
Memory Usage
SQL Tables

Happy New Years!

FUCK YEAH, FIRST FULL YEAR OF ADULTDDL DONE! 410TB of bandwidth used, lets see if we can beat that this year!

Looking forward to Mega anyone? 😀

Welcome to AdultDDL!


No need to open a large amount of links to see screens, 15 releases per page makes it easy!
No need to enter captcha’s to get your links, just click the ⇓.
Search for your favorite site, and make it rss by adding “&feed=rss” to the end of the search url!
Click on a screen thumbnails to make them larger!

DVD Covers for DVDRips.
Give me suggestions!

F4V Releases supported.
XXX DVDRips now supported.
Embedded videos via, links for all if they aren’t converted yet.
Added FileServe and FileSonic support.

Embedded videos via for releases under 2Gb! WMV not yet supported.

Some images not uploading, added fastpic, ipicture, and local image-hosts.
Large releases sometimes missing parts, added retry system.
Sped up the link extractor.

Re-added userporn, which just supports non-wmv, but its better than nothing.

Enjoy and Please leave feedback here!

Current Upload Queue:

06/03/15 – Infinite Scroll
13/02/15 – New category: Cams (Chaturbate for now)
13/02/15 – Changed font of release titles
13/02/15 – Switched to reCaptcha
01/11/14 – RAR parts are now 1GB each
01/11/14 – Added Hugefiles and Rapidgator
03/10/14 – 180Upload streams up to 3GB
16/07/14 – Fixed Mega upload bug
25/04/14 – Faster upload/queue, fixed 2160p screenshots
17/04/14 – FireDrive and Solidfiles via Multiupload
22/03/14 – Add StreamCloud Stream, Fix SockShare Stream
18/03/14 – SockShare Streams
15/03/14 – Added SockShare, Removed PutLocker
20/01/14 – Realized 7z is 2x faster at unraring 😐
18/01/14 – Fixed upload queue bug and stream upload bug
04/06/13 – Added WeTransfer, we’ll see for how long.. AAAAAANNNDDD IT’S GONE.
27/04/13 – Removed comment spam
26/04/13 – Added Mega Again, Stopped BayFiles (Down?)
22/02/13 – Added Mega
16/02/13 – Fixed putlocker and streams
15/02/13 – fixed, missing videos fixed
15/02/13 – Picsets running, picsets not on front page
10/02/13 – Fetish category for weird shit and won’t go on front page
09/12/12 – Fixed Putlocker and FileFactory
28/11/12 – Filename’s are now searchable for imagesets.
22/09/12 – Added extract links from multiupload after some time to upload
19/09/12 – Fucked shit up, php crash resulted in 503 errors.
18/09/12 – Added FileFactory back
18/07/12 – Added another source, total: 3, Now: 2
02/05/12 – Added FileBox
31/03/12 – Created Teens Category
09/03/12 – Added ZippyShare
08/03/12 – Added JumboFiles
07/03/12 – Removed Netload
27/02/12 – Fixed Videos category link, search button, changed text expander.
23/02/12 – Added SendSpace
20/02/12 – Added PutLocker rars and changed stream upload method
18/02/12 – Added Minus 100MB
14/02/12 – Fixed iFile, Mediafire. Real-time status is working helping/great!
13/02/12 – Added real-time file-host reliability status’
03/02/12 – Added Share-Online
01/02/12 – Fixed iFile on .part## releases, improved FileFactory
31/01/12 – Added, Netload started blocking MP4’s
28/01/12 – Added FileFactory, I broke Wupload, Oron, Putlocker but fixed them
27/01/12 – Added iFile
26/01/12 – Changed filenames
26/01/12 – Added Oron
26/01/12 – Fixed Netload issue where retry would use same upsrvr
26/01/12 – Fixed issue where uploading would wait 50min+ depending on how many files.
26/01/12 – Added new source, there might be dupe posts, but I hope not
26/01/12 – Fixed FLV releases not getting posted
25/01/12 – Added Netl0ad
22/01/12 – Many hosters decided to shut it’s doors, Multiupload?, Fileserve, Filesonic, and so on..
03/01/12 – New theme.
02/01/12 – Added categories for 0DAY,Movies,Imgsets.
01/01/12 – Done separate imgsets script.
27/12/11 – Hopefully fixed “Unable to open links, does not exist.” on new posts.
26/12/11 – Started manual FileSonic upload
13/12/11 – Fixed the KTR release issues differently.
11/12/11 – Fixed issue where the post script would wait an extra 10hours+ to post if an upload fails.
08/12/11 – Fixed issue where most KTR releases were being 1min in length.
06/12/11 – Switched to new server
06/12/11 – Just started Changelog.
29/10/11 – Implemented captcha system to protect links.
19/04/11 – Initial launch of Site/Script.

Real-Time Host Status: % Successful of last 100 uploads

If you have any suggestions or feedback, please comment here.

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