This is THE website to find all XXX Scene Releases on the best free file sharing sites.

The content on this website is fully automatic, and I do not encode/make the releases.
If a release has all broken links, then your SOL, it’s difficult to find older releases, sorry.


The search/tag/categories results can be viewed as RSS feeds, follow the examples below.

Tags: http://adultddl.ws/tag/masturbation/feed/
Categories: http://adultddl.ws/category/videos/0day/bangbros/feed/
Search: http://adultddl.ws/feed/?s=Caprice

If you want to email about some shit send it to: sta1ns [at] sceper.ws

Interesting Shit:
10GB of bandwidth is used per every 1GB in a release to upload and post here for you.
1.5TB a day on average.

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