CamDDL Shutdown

So I shutdown CamDDL as you’ve noticed it redirects here, I did it because it was slowing down this site hosted on the same server.
I’d enable it again only if the slowness was fixed somehow.
If you have knowledge in WordPress performance troubleshooting then feel free to contact me with suggestions and maybe we can fix it.

Screenshots of the issue:
Memory Usage
SQL Tables

189 Responses to CamDDL Shutdown
  1. cam99 Reply

    need camddl back asap.

  2. rick Reply

    Please bring camddl back. It was great. If you can’t, please allow someone else to continue the site.

  3. james Reply

    please, please bring camddl back. please

  4. Fritz Reply

    Nice that it runs so far back

    • anderson Reply

      give address

  5. Mikeey Reply

    Camddl is shut down, will it ever come back online again

    • Anderson Reply

      we want it

  6. Anderson Reply

    Share Does the site can download video such as camddl gentlemen link Please..

  7. Analao Reply

    I really miss camddl :[ is there any possibility it’ll be back??

  8. Turkish Man Reply

    camddl be opened when it is no longer enough for a long time now closed and we are waiting to get active

  9. felix Reply
    the best xxx stream video

  10. wilson Reply

    is there any way i can donate for camddl? im sure many people will love to donate, cuz it was the best site ever.

  11. torture-addict Reply

    Camddl was back! 2 days ago it was online!

  12. Frankfurter11 Reply

    When will camddl be back again?

    • Eggs n' Sausages Reply

      Yeah bring back camddl!

    • Gorgonite Reply

      Please bring back camddl

  13. Arca Reply

    Any info on if/when camddl will be back? Hate not being able to watch my favorite models :/

  14. joe Reply

    What happened?

  15. BlackJoker69 Reply

    Is camddl really getting shutdown? It really was the best site ever, never have to pay for every little thing. I thank you for your hard wirk your really appreciated. But I understand its not easy to run such an massive awesome sites with lot of people accessing it daily. Really would love it if you didnt shut it down or could I be invited?

  16. Billy Reply

    Sadly the web page is redirecting again :(

  17. dfghahn Reply

    Those crappy links die too soon too. HF links from 11/23 already dead on 11/29? Sucks!

    • woot Reply

      hows about you guys register a fcking free account and load 11gigs a day, it’s not that difficult and the problems will probably as always not be on the admins’ side

      • dfghahn Reply

        Fck no stupid! What the fck makes you think that anyone on this site wants to register anything.

        Like I said, HF sucks. and the files die after 5-6 days

  18. dfghahn Reply

    Lot of good stuff this weekend that will take me deep into next week to DL with a 24hrs wait between every 750MB worth of DLs. HF sucks now. Only mega please!

  19. dfghahn Reply

    Can you please use only mega for camddl. HF now only lets you DL 750mb per day.

  20. nuzhs Reply

    can we still get invited to camddl?

  21. aznnight Reply

    Frequent visitor to adultddl, didn’t know camddl existed until now and it’s too late to register. Is there a way I can get invited or something?

  22. xy1 Reply

    I’m a frequent adultdds visitor, how does one get an invite to camddl?

  23. iwantass Reply

    is possible to add on model atime4squirt?

  24. dudecam Reply

    Thanks for bringing back camddl. Would it be possible to add Olivia_Paige to your list of models to record?

  25. ddlfan Reply

    The xart video is not the good one.
    You switched between the one from today that is foursome with guys and an older lez one with 4 girls.

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