4th Anniversary of AdultDDL

Happy downloading! :)

42 Responses to 4th Anniversary of AdultDDL
  1. Seriously Reply

    Great Side, unfortunately are many old videos down but still awesome.

    • Seriously Reply

      *site 😀

  2. dedemari Reply

    where the camddl.ws?
    dont have camgirl on the site?

  3. Anonymous Reply

    you’re just the best

  4. sefa Reply

    love you

  5. UserAnonymous Reply

    Thank You for all Your work. Great site!!! Long Live!

  6. Admin Reply

    Thank you for all the appreciation!

  7. woohoooooo Reply

    My thanks.

  8. Someone Reply

    Thank you very much for all the work you do admins, it’s superb!

  9. Anonymous Reply

    Thanks for all the porn!

  10. pauw Reply

    Happy 4th Anniversary!! May there be many more. Thank you for your great site and the willingness to listen to our suggestions and actually trying some out! Outstanding…….

  11. boyle Reply

    Happy Birthday, AdultDDL!

  12. Tyler Reply

    Happy Birthday and Many More. Congrats!!!

  13. Anonymous Reply


  14. Vieira Reply


  15. steven Reply

    happy birthday! thanks a lot!

  16. Anon Reply

    Happy Birthday !! :)
    Hope to see this site for the next 100 years !

    Congratz :)

  17. Berlusconi Reply

    h4ppy f4pping to all!

  18. ghdf Reply

    best site ever

    • GBSC Reply

      Thank you so much – keep on your good work!

  19. primitive origin Reply

    thanks for all !!!!

  20. gamulescuc Reply

    Happy Birthday!

  21. gore Reply

    My penis says: Thank you!

    Happy bday dude!

  22. Thank you Reply

    Happy Birthday

  23. Dana Reply

    Happy Birthday!
    This website deserves an award for making people happy every day again. Great job!

  24. Thanks! Reply

    Great job!

    • Admin Reply

      The only missing feature is a request section, I may work on that soon :)

  25. sumguy Reply

    Thank you Admin for all your amazing work and effort here! Best DDL site ever!

  26. Dsshead Reply

    Admin, thanks for keeping this site running for the last four years. I’m hoping for many more years of free porn!

  27. stan dean Reply

    Thank you, thank you, thank you. Job well done.

  28. abc Reply

    Congrats … didn’t realize it had been that long :)

  29. Thankful Reply

    Thank you so much for what you do.

  30. Anonymous Reply

    Thank you very much and happy birthday!

  31. Braver Reply

    the very best of wonderful wishes to you and to the amazing site, keep the good job. :)

  32. Name Reply

    Thank you! You’re the best. Happy Birthday.

  33. peterpedro Reply

    Long may you reign!

  34. BigJim Reply

    What happend to the HugeFile Links!

    • Admin Reply

      Uploading was painfully show, I’ll see if they fixed that.

  35. bulalord Reply


    i hope you put back rapidgator links
    2years ago i saw rapidgator links here


    • Admin Reply

      There was RG links before they set an account storage limit I believe. Sorry.

  36. User Reply

    Happy Birthday.

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