Happy New Years!

FUCK YEAH, FIRST FULL YEAR OF ADULTDDL DONE! 410TB of bandwidth used, lets see if we can beat that this year!

Looking forward to Mega anyone? 😀

17 Responses to Happy New Years!
  1. niza Reply

    Very happy, to have the site back! Happy 2017 !!!

  2. Drew Reply

    please update peternorth movies with Mega. Mega seems to work the best plz keep using it. Thank you 4 everything

  3. olduser Reply

    Admin!… streamcloud.eu completely sucks, change it

    • Spik Reply

      are you nuts?xD, streamcoud.eu and played.to links are the best from this website ,please admin, do NOT change it

  4. than Reply

    Long live adultddl! Thanks for an amazing 2013.

    Only suggestion: tag searching

  5. David Reply

    Thanks alot admin, this site is awesome.

    I have a question, i would appreciate if anyone can help.

    How do i download all the links of a video at once rather than clicking and downloading each one at a time.

  6. Thank you ! Reply

    You might wanna do something when you put up kink.com vids they get taken down within like 2 hours. Better hidding links and streaming link would be great

  7. AdultDDL Reply

    I would wish some Siterips for the future.

  8. Pissed Reply

    Why the hell there is no more streaming :(

  9. Jorge Reply

    hope you’re getting rich
    your invasive ads are a nightmare
    your quality has gone to hell
    your links fail and fail and crash halfway through downloads
    and then : “Page not found”
    this used to be a great sight
    did you sell it to a bunch of pimps

  10. Doremon Reply

    great site…wishing you the best 2013

  11. chris Reply

    thanks a million you’re the man, please put some gay porn as love both

  12. jipege Reply

    Merci beaucoup pour tout ton excellent travail !
    Bonne année et bonne santé !

  13. Mav Reply

    Keep up the excellent work, admin!
    And btw: Yes, we can! 😉

  14. spectre Reply

    thanks for everything mate, happy new year!

  15. Jay Reply

    Thanks so much for everything, your site is awesome! Happy New Year!

  16. Shawn Reply

    Thanks a lot, Admin!

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